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APACHE SERVER provides server mail system security for This version has provided security as good as any other server software in use today. ISP accounts are anything but secure, and we certainly would not use one for scientific or corporate secrets of any kind.

In return for this service, as always, absolutely no illegal use of any virtualpath e-mail account is allowed, and use of any virtualpath service to spam anyone, anywhere, ever, will result in black-listing that person throughout most of the known Internet until the end of time, as well as permanent termination of services throughout the virtualpath family of servers. -Thanks. provides BOTH standard e-mail services, plus WEBMAIL. You may use EITHER or BOTH to send and receive e-mail.

To set up an e-mail account on Outlook, Outlook Express and other mail programs, click the FEATURES link above.


Webmail allows you to send and receive mail from anywhere in the world that has Internet, using any browser program. Webmail is also very resistant to viruses and worms common to e-mail programs like Outlook, since scripting, active-x, macros and html are not launched automatically from webmail. Webmail is also enormously useful when traveling because Internet and a browser from any computer in the world (or space shuttle, etc.) can reach your account, allowing you to read, sort, save, delete, compose and send mail from anywhere. Many cellphone services will allow you to browse to your webmail account to read and send mail. Also, webmail allows you to access your virtualpath account even when you are using ISPs like MSN that otherwise block access to mail servers other than their own.

To access your email account through webmail, enter this in the browser address line:

You must remember your account name and password to log in to the webmail service. If your account name is, then log in as george2344 and enter your password in the box.

Horde provides our webmail service and features. The use of Horde for account maintenance is very easy - just read the page options.

CONTACT VIRTUALPATH'S WEBMASTER if your e-mail is being spammed. We will create a new account for you to replace an account that the spammers are using. Also, we will be happy to create an alias for your account. This is extremely useful for Internet purchases because the alias can be changed anytime, getting rid of annoying spam when your Internet store sells your alias address to spammers, without having to delete your true e-mail account or change any settings in Outlook / Outlook Express / Your E-Mail Program.

How does an alias work? Suppose your account is, you could have an alias like which you give to and ebay, and especially internet stores that you don't know well or trust, when you buy something. You always use sally12 as your account for e-mail programs or webmail, but anything sent to also winds up in your sally12 account. If spamhater12 becomes a target of spam mail, we'll give you a new alias without losing your true account or passwords. You should never provide your true account name to anyone you don't trust, including any Internet store.

Please let us know if you intend to abandon your e-mail account for any reason. A large amount of file space must be reserved for each account, so send us a note if you won't be using it.

(This information applies only to mail accounts, and not completely to other domains using this page for support information)'s members include scientists, technicians and developers who need advanced file capabilities to communicate information to others. Any stationery schemes and embedding combinations are acceptable. Recipients you wish to send mail to may not have full capabilities to receive what you create, so check with them. They also undoubtedly have file size limitations and may not be able to receive a super-mongo file at all, so check first before sending some whopper file to them. Also, you're going to hose some poor fellow with a dial-up modem if you start sending him 100 MB e-mail files, so be nice. Some corporate and scientific accounts on big systems can receive embedded graphics / music / video / html / pdf and presentation files that your e-mail allows, and that's the purpose of the versatile accounts on this server. You can only create and receive rich text and complex formats with a properly set up mail program in your computer. Rich text is rendered into separate component parts by Webmail. Some ISP mail systems are only capable of receiving plain text with no formatting at all.


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