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What About the Rabbits?

At, we love our bunnies. During Y2000, we sponsored Onyx Bun in his "Demand Something Better" campaign to protest the snob Ivy League trash offered as candidates by the major U.S. political parties. It's clear that the two-party system is crippled, and it should be painfully obvious, after both parties made a mockery of U.S. presidential elections, that serious reforms are needed.

Onyx Bun, with 51,000 loyal followers during the past year, will continue offering sage, political insights after the new administration takes charge, just to help our leaders run the country properly. Onyx may return for the next elections, so the Democrats and Republicans had better start cleaning up their act right away.

During September of 2002, our beloved mascot and beautiful rex bunny, Phyll, suffered a terrible stroke. (Phyll is the "President" of and the model for our "Watching Carefully" banner on Virtualpath's home page.) Phyll nearly died from the confusion, fear and injury of the stroke. It was ultimately love that allowed her to pull through. Phyll has learned to operate with her injury, enjoys snuggling every day, and she's now active and happy. Every day that we can still play with this beautiful creature and enjoy her company is another gift. It is understood that none of us really have much time, in our short lives, even under the best of circumstances. Without enough time to love, how then can anyone waste precious time on strife or hate?

2003: War ravaged much of our world. The United States, U.K. and allies attacked Iraq, and previously Afghanistan. Meanwhile, freedom for U.S. and U.K. citizens was being flushed in exchange for a new, oppressive surveillance society, justified as necessary for the fight against terrorism.'s domain moved to a new server during December, 2003. This advanced system was greatly needed. thanks its visitors, and those who offer comments in particular. We wish, for all peoples of the world, economic and individual freedom, and happiness.

Background: is an "old" domain, born from pioneers of the Internet. Virtual Path Graphics maintains as our own often-neglected play site, and our server equipment as a development test site for other commercial websites created and maintained by us. When we have a chance to play with our own site, we enjoy presenting contemporary issues in our own, satirical way.

Tag Bunny, our webmaster, has been pounding on computer keyboards since 1969 when keyboards were Teletype terminals connected to timesharing computers.

We will be happy to answer questions regarding computer and Internet history. Use our Contact Us page for queries. shadow6 graphic
Plotting and Planning for the Future:

The Internet provides a means for Americans and other people, who live in free societies with free information, to reach their elected leaders easily and effectively. In spite of the inevitable parasites that lurk everywhere to prey off the unwary, Arpanet's (now the Internet's) original purpose to provide for the free exchange of information and ideas, desperately needs full First Amendment protection to remain free.

Most of our readers are aware of our effort to preserve privacy and freedom of information, and the ruses including panic that governments use to propagate their own powers over people and information.

This effort, which includes the abuse of information about people, will become one of the most important issues of the new century. With profiling, DNA information, buying habits and snooping of private communications, the issue is already a terrible one with battles on many fronts. Does anyone really imagine that DNA information for individuals, for instance, will not be abused by governments, insurance companies and employers?

This century will bring new science, new values, new technology and problems to the world. will share all of this with our readers.
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