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Virtualpath.com's Internet Community and Privacy Policy

January 1, 2001

http://www.virtualpath.com will not collect, nor will it distribute, any specific information from any visitor at any time other than details explicitly provided by visitors through our Contact Us page or e-mail services. No browser cookie information is exchanged on this domain or any subdomains of virtualpath.com. Statistical server information is reviewed for website maintenance, which includes browser types and time-loading of system resources without other information concerning visitors. Virtualpath will operate its domain according to this stated policy while this published statement has not been amended to reflect such changes in policy.

Visitors browsing to any linked sites or other domains outside of virtualpath.com may choose to limit cookies stored on their own computer or shared with those websites, using browser utilities or 3rd party cookie managers.

Virtualpath.com supports other domains that choose to be good Internet Community members by resisting the temptation to feast on invasive data collection. Privacy is an issue which will define the future of our Internet medium.

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