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Rocky City's Water Closet Inspections Bureau

New Era of Progressive Challenge

As our progressive citizens know, water issues will determine the future of our great City for the next century. In our beautiful City, lawmakers have taken innovative steps to address water, security, education and human rights issues which will guarantee Quality-Of-Life for our residents surpassing that of other cities.

As of January 1, 2001, Rocky City Water Closet Inspection Bureau requires all citizens to schedule WCIB household inspections every six months. During that time, agents will check that all water closets are safe, and that web-enabled appliance identification for every toilet and regulated appliance is working properly. Most compliance checks will take less than ten minutes. If your City utility-connected appliances are not complaint, agents will issue instructions for recertification of your equipment.

To meet our goals, all citizens will enjoy free Internet access through a common city-supplied Wide Area Network connection. All autos, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles will be coordinate-linked to RC computers via City wireless networks. Connection to other ISPs within Rocky City and County limits is not permitted.

Beginning January 15, 2001, regulated WAP-enabled appliances and compliance checks will include furnaces, refrigerators, computers, DVDs and entertainment equipment, autos, garage door openers, any home security systems including cameras, selected bedroom furniture, baths and showers, sprinkler systems, specific sexual appliances, barbecue grills, lawnmowers and digital cellphones operated within Rocky City and Country limits. WCIB-regulated appliances also include all equipment listed within Document# RC011501WAP issued by Rocky City Council effective January 15, 2001. In addition to video and audio monitors included with all approved appliances, agents may require that citizens install additional A/V units in back yards and areas where normal appliances may not be able to monitor isolated areas for criminal activity. Note that all residential and commercial appliances, inclusive, as defined in this document, must be upgraded to meet City-approved WAP regulations at the owner's expense. No WAP appliance shall be disconnected in any way from City network servers without prior, written approval of the WCIB office. No WAP-enabled appliance will be connected without a RCWCIB approval sticker attached. These devices must report reliably to Rocky City servers for this program to be effective.

For the safety and security of all residents, agents will immediately investigate any and all instances of listed appliance disconnects from City server control. At any location being investigated, all persons on the premises will be considered hostile and may be neutralized using electric guns and other devices for the protection of City agents.

The use of any kind of data firewalls on web appliances is prohibited. Attempting to hide any activity from observation by a listed appliance is illegal.

During Year 2001, compliance deadlines will be extended by one month to accommodate replacement of old and dangerous appliances with new equipment meeting the new standards.

Chief Agent Bruce welcomes commentary about these new regulations from all citizens of our great city, and welcomes all citizens to a new era of prosperity, security and personal privacy.

Authority for enforcement of Rule RCWCIB011501WAP:

Rocky City Water Closet Inspections Bureau is hereby empowered to enforce all provisions of the related rule(s), amended January 15, 2001. Single-engine aircraft and vehicles will be operated by WCIB agents to observe activities of persons within Rocky City and County jurisdiction to circumvent criminal avoidance of monitoring devices, including all appliances listed under the referenced rule.

These rules can only provide the desired age of security, happiness and privacy if law-abiding citizens can be assured that criminals cannot harbor nests of unobserved malicious activities within the defined jurisdiction. For that reason, the WCIB shall be required to use thermal imaging equipment, electromagnetic interpretation and radio signature verification devices to routinely monitor human and equipment activities during at least eighteen hours each day. Agents shall develop profiling techniques for advanced identification of sexual perverts and other criminals by the proper use of personal information and derived monitoring data. This information may be coordinated with other law enforcement agencies, as required by the WCIB.
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