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As of January 1, 2004, the Media Free Speech Compliance Act of 2004 (code named "Project Orwell") will take effect.

The Office of Quality Media Reporting and Freedom of Speech (AKA the "Agency") is empowered by new regulations to assist the government in its war against terrorism by preventing the cognitive subversion of the general public, while also assuring the highest possible standards of Free Speech are carried forth to the people to maintain traditional freedoms, guarantee informational quality and secure the liberties of all citizens under the Constitution.

This action is necessary to prevent terrorists from threatening our security. Act provisions were enacted following the certainty of hostile acts detected by our loving government through the holiday season of 2003, while much of the liberal contingent of the council was off-work for Christmas and could not oppose this necessary action. Although these grave dangers threaten our way of life, your government is on-duty, 24/7 to protect your freedoms.

The Office of QMR-FOS is another step towards your government's Protective Shield mandate for your safety. From this point forward, your government will approve all journalism and radio / television news that has previously upset the security of its citizens. News of a rebellious or disturbing nature will not be approved for distribution.

Your Rocky City Government understands that your right to know is of highest importance, and has taken steps to insure that the production of approved lineage is not diminished in any way. However, it's also known that many terrorists have infiltrated the ranks of journalism, having been critical of many of your government's efforts to fight terrorism. These will be detained under the Combatant provisions when detected, in a progressive effort to reduce subversion in these troubled times.

In spite of the long-term threats against your freedoms from terrorists, citizens should carry on their daily tasks as their government continues to provide for their security. Remember, we don't put a price on your freedom!

  • $3.7bn add'l network access
  • $1.8bn add'l phone access
  • $8.7bn add'l public surveillance and enforcement
  • $9.1bn interagency
  • $12.4bn OOQMR-FOS Admin
  • Lineage and airtime must be maintained
  • Agents may assist writers and journalists to assure previous provision
  • News media management may not override Agency directives
  • Agents hold signatory law-making rights under the Emergency Powers Act

-A statement from the Office of QMR-FOS; R.C. Administration

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