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November 2004 Freedom for All

Rocky City Leadership Renews Tough Stand on Freedom.

Freedom is a powerful but fragile thing. By its very nature, freedom invites abuse by terrorists who would flourish within the nurturing climate of freedom, in order to feed their perverted thirst for destruction.

But at Rocky City, leadership is absolutely dedicated to stopping terrorists before they can hurt innocent citizens. This is why the Rocky City Executive Hall under Mayor Stagg has appointed twenty eight separate agencies with classified budgets and secret legal status to oversee citizen movements and communications. All citizens should realize that when hidden terrorists, that may have been neighbors or coworkers, are located and taken away for interrogation, they should feel safer that these threats have been neutralized before our good citizens or their children could be hurt. Terrorists pretend to be decent neighbors, which is one reason why you should rely on the professional terrorist police forces that your city employs for your safety.

Very few errors are possible in Rocky City's massive computer profiling system. The system has never failed yet to accurately identify threats to our way of life. In every case, terrorists have confessed to their own guilt and inevitably implicated others in the complicated world of subversive crime.

Recently, opposition elements from questionable groups have made allegations about the use of torture and civil rights abuses in the Rocky City Terrorist Detention Camps. Citizens should know that their beneficlal leadership is doing all it can to guarantee freedom for Rocky City's majority taxpayers. When your lights flicker, it's just another terrorist confessing their filthy plot against freedom. -Not to worry; rejoice that justice is being imposed on the enemies of freedom.

Special News Flash: Beginning this month, Rocky City Cable Network will be broadcasting Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night football on RMSportsNet three nights each week!

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